When the lights go out all over your Colorado Springs neighborhood, you know you’re going to need to live without electricity. With luck, it will only take a few minutes for the power to come back on, but in a bad scenario, you could be without electricity for hours. And, if there’s some kind of disaster, you could even be without electricity for days on end. Keep emergency kit handy to see you through. Here are our recommendations.

Rechargeable Solar Lights

You could choose candles, but we don’t like the fire hazard they pose. Nowadays, you can get neat, compact solar lights with their own stands to support them. The batteries are so efficient that direct sun isn’t even necessary for a recharge. Just keep them on the kitchen windowsill with the panel facing outwards.

Battery Powered Flashlights

Those solar lights are super-handy and compact, but in case they run out of energy, you need backup. Again, stay away from candles and have flashlights or battery-operated lamps ready. Flashlight batteries don’t last forever, so keep a small stock of spare batteries on hand.

A Gas Cooker

You’ll feel better after a hot meal, and as for mornings, facing them without a cup of coffee can be grim. Choose a gas cooker that can go with you on camping trips and act as a backup during power outages.

Gas Heaters

Winter is prime time for interrupted electricity supply. Bad weather and heavy demand contribute to the likelihood of power outages. If your heating system depends on electricity, have a couple of gas heaters to warm your home during outages.

An Emergency Plan for Charging Devices

During power outages, your mobile phone could be a lifeline in case of emergencies. You can charge your devices in the car, but there are also external power packs that will make staying connected a good deal easier.

Old-Fashioned Toys and Games for the Kids

Your kids are used to having their electronic games and the TV to keep them entertained. But old-fashioned board games and toys can save them from boredom and you from a houseful of grumpy kids. Staying sane during a power outage becomes so much easier.


When you’re facing a widespread power outage, credit and debit cards may not work. It’s wise to have enough cash on hand to keep you going for a couple of days. That way, you won’t be faced with a problem if you run out of any of the basic necessities.

Local Emergency Plans

Let’s face it: a really long power outage is an emergency. Your local government will have a variety of emergency measures in place. Don’t wait for an emergency before finding out what they are. You should be able to find the information you need online.

Backups for Medical Devices

So far, everything we’ve discussed has been comfort and convenience-oriented. But some electrical devices are a matter of life or death. Be sure you know what to do to keep medical support devices running when the electricity fails.

Or Just Have an Emergency Power System Installed

Your utility provider may not be able to supply electricity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t generate your own. Contact your electricians in Colorado Springs and find out about emergency backup systems that will keep your electricity supply on despite power failures.

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