Although this may come as a surprise to you, there are a lot of people in Colorado Springs who do electrical work without ever having the necessary qualifications to do so. Sounds dangerous? You bet it is! But apart from these fly-by-nights, there are also electricians who are just plain careless in their work. We’ve opened up a few distribution boards to find wiring that resembles a snake-pit more closely than a professionally executed job. That brings us to our first point:

Licensing and Qualifications

Certification isn’t the only thing to look at, but without it, there’s no way you should allow a person to work on your electrical supply. An electrician must complete an apprenticeship that involves both theoretical and practical learning. Without this knowledge-base, it’s unsafe to work with electricity. That applies to the workman as well as to you. If he doesn’t shock himself, he could end up being the reason your house burns down. It’s not a pretty thought.

Professional Conduct

We always say that the way electricians work with their clients is a good indication of how they’ll work with your electricity. It all starts when the electrician visits your home to prepare a quote. A professional will always keep his promises, arrive on time, listen to your concerns and then investigate the task. If you need to call him repeatedly to find out just when he’s going to turn up, see it as a big no-no.

References and Reviews from Clients

Unfortunately, it’s all-too-easy for electricians to be selective in providing references and reviews. You may need to do a little sleuthing. Working with someone who is well-known for all the right reasons is always a good idea. Ask around. Talk to neighbors, Colorado Springs businesses, and work associates. Who do they call when they need an electrician, and what’s the service like? Failing that, you can look for online reviews or call your local Better Business Bureau.

The Written Quotation

Here’s a hugely important indicator of professionalism. A quote should be in writing, and it should itemize what you’re paying for. Given the investment of time and effort it takes to become a qualified electrician, the labor rate shouldn’t be dirt-cheap. That smacks of desperation. In a word where everyone needs electricity and electricians are in high demand, a super-low quote poses questions about whether your electrician knows his business.

Who Will Do the Job?

When working with larger businesses, the person you chose to do the job might not be the one who actually does it. Find out who will be doing the work itself. Ideally, you should work with the same person from the quote assessment to closure of the job.

After all, it doesn’t help choosing a good electrician only to find that a less experienced artisan who received the task brief second-hand performs the work. Yes, electricians do work with apprentices, but the expert should be there to oversee the task and give it the final thumbs up.

You Could Just Choose Us

We can’t resist adding this one to your list of things to look at when choosing an electrician. Although recommending ourselves might sound a little cheeky, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and our personnel and we have the track record to prove it. So, give us a call if you’re in Colorado Springs and need electrical work done right first time, every time.

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