The inconvenience and disruption we experience when there’s a power outage is enough proof of how much we rely on electricity in our homes and offices. And our reliance on it grows with every new device or appliance we plug into the circuit. However, electricity also holds the power to destroy those appliances and devices, as well as our homes, offices and even our lives, if not treated with the respect it deserves and good safety practices.

Overloading and faults are the biggest threats to safety in our homes and offices. And many of these situations result from a lackadaisical approach to electricity use which results in our missing signs of trouble before it happens. Get into a habit of checking wires, outlets and appliances for faulty switches, plugs and outlets, and repair them immediately or call in a professional electrician in Colorado Springs, CO, to assist.

One Appliance, One Outlet – the Impossible Dream

One of the biggest threats to our home and office safety is not in the electricity itself, but in the way we handle its delivery to the systems it powers. And often we do that incorrectly. There are seldom enough outlets in a modern home or office to assign one to each and every appliance we use every minute of the day, let alone items that are used more seldom. And installing a new outlet every time we add something new seems hardly feasible. It’s easier to use extension cords and multi plug adapters. But do we use them correctly?

The most common mistake made is to plug one extension cord into another, or load every plug on a multi-outlet bar with multiple adapters. This can overload the circuit and cause one or more of the plug points to short. Another mistake is viewing them as permanent connections. They are not, and should be disconnected when not in use.

Avoid running extension cords under carpets or rugs, or across highly-trafficked areas, as this can damage the protective sleeve and the wires within it, and it also might cause someone to trip and fall.

If you run the extension cords along the wall so they are well out of the way, be careful how you keep them in place. Using nails or staples is a no-no. Rather attach each cord with the right-sized cord holders, while still being careful not to damage the cord itself. And don’t leave cords wound up around each other or coiled on the floor.

Common Mistakes that can lead to accidents

Not Keeping it Dry: We all know that electricity and water don’t get on at all well, yet too often we choose to ignore that knowledge and go ahead and use appliances or equipment near water or wet surfaces. The resulting electric shock could be very dangerous.

Forgetting to turn off appliances: It takes little effort to ensure that all appliances and devices are turned off at the wall before going out. Make sure all air conditioners, ovens and heaters are turned off, as well as appliances like kettles and microwaves, especially those which switch off automatically at the appliance itself. These automatic switches are known to develop faults.

Getting distracted: Forgetting to keep an eye on the food that’s steaming away on the stove can lead to a fire, especially if there is cooking oil involved.

Calling in an electrician in Colorado Springs at regular intervals to check both the general wiring system in your home or office, and how it’s being applied there, could be the best investment in safety you ever make. This small cost and the inconvenience of such inspections are small issues when they could prevent electrical shocks and fires and possibly injury or death.

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